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Volume 6, Issue 1
March 2012
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Westlawn Reaccredited
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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
DETC Finds Top-Notch Boat-Desig
Training at Westlawn Institute
n February 9, 2012, the Distance Education and Trai
ing Council (DETC), reaccredited Westlawn Institute
without condition during Westlawn’s regular five-year rea
creditation review. This is the ninth consecutive reaccredi
tion for Westlawn Institute without a condition or correcti
required—a nearly unequalled record. Founded in 1930,
Westlawn has been nationally accredited by DETC since
1971—for over forty years. Westlawn’s next reaccreditatio
is scheduled for five years from now, starting in 2016.
Michael P. Lambert, Executive Director of the Federally-recognized Distance Edu
tion and Training Council (DETC), located in Washington, DC, said this about Wes
lawn's grant of reaccreditation:
"Westlawn Institute has been accredited by DETC for the past forty years, and thi
most recent reaccreditation underscores the fact that Westlawn has continued onc
again to prove that it meets the very rigorous academic and business standards of
Accreditation from DETC is not easily earned, and
only about one in five applicant institutions are
able to achieve it. The standards of DETC are
among the most stringent and consumer-friendly in
the nation, and Westlawn has earned its accredita-
tion laurels without conditions nine times in the
past four decades. Each time, Westlawn has been
able to sail past the finishing line with all colors
flying, and each time, Westlawn has shown that it
merits the utmost confidence of the public, the
boating industry and most of all its students as be-
ing the very best it can be as a world-class educa-
tional institution.
On behalf of the Accrediting Commission of the
Michael P. Lambert, DET
Executive Director