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flashed. The end result can be seen in the graph Trial 85,
where the vertical spike of the green line represents the en-
ergizing the red light, the red line is the change in throttle
and the blue line is the turning of the wheel.
The results
Overall, 30 subjects with a broad
range of ages and experience
levels were tested. The foot throt-
tle was faster than the hand
throttle by 0.1 seconds, which
translates to the boat traveling
4.4 feet at 30 mph and 1.5 feet
at 10 mph. When comparing age
and experience level demograph-
ics, the results did not signifi-
cantly vary from the overall re-
sults. Other observations about
the foot throttle included in-
creased operator attention to
maintain a consistent rpm and
speed, seat position and operator
size create ergonomic chal-
lenges, and close quarter maneu-
vering was more complicated.
Back to the question, will a foot
throttle make a boat safer? The
jury is still out.
The full report is available by contacting the USCG Office
Boating Safety.