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On January 13, 2012, Westlawn’s director, Dave Gerr
sent the following email to Mr. Mike Lambert and Ms.
Sally Welch. Mr. Lambert is the executive director of
the distance Education and Training Council (DETC),
and Sally Welch is the assistant director of that organi-
Mike, Sally:
Here's the link to the December 2011 issue of West-
lawn's quarterly online journal,
The Masthead:
This issue is a particularly good example for the ac-
crediting commission on how Westlawn fulfills its mis-
sion, stays up to date on technical changes, and serves
the boating industry as a whole:
The cover story on the new EPA fuel system require-
ments for gasoline boats is really a very new. Our stu-
dents and the industry as a whole need this technical
information spelled out clearly and made readily avail-
able. It's now free to all on the Westlawn website.
Because Westlawn is part of ABYC (the American Boat
and Yacht Council), I have been able to closely follow
all these new EPA requirements as they developed.
At the recent IBEX show for industry professionals, I
was able to meet with the people actually making
products to meet the new requirements and to see
and test these different products at the show.
Using this information and the extensive and detailed
information provided by the ABYC Tech Department, I
could then write the article on this subject making the
information easily accessible to our students and all in
The article was considered so useful and important
that the National Marine Manufacturers Association
(NMMA) distributed it to their entire engineering de-
partment, over a hundred engineers at offices acros
the U.S.
Though Westlawn's primary mission is to educate o
students, part of our mission is also to educate and
serve the boating industry as a whole and this is a
good example of just how we fulfill both missions. T
whole picture is something I think can get lost or ov
looked in the standard accreditation review process
Happy New Year to All!
Mike Lambert’s reply:
Thanks for sending along the latest (and possibly
greatest!) edition of
The Masthead
to us.
It was an informative and fascinating article on the
new EPA fuel system requirements, and congratula-
tions on this excellent public service piece. It will
probably save lives!
Your efforts at making very technical information re
ily understandable and usable by a variety of reader
certainly shows how you and Westlawn are serving
society at large, and for this, we commend you highl
Serving the public is a hallmark of good schools!
Thanks for sharing it with us Dave.
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