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613 Third St., Suite 10
Annapolis, MD 21403
Dear Westlawn Students, Alumni, ABYC Technicians and Friends:
ABYC is the acknowledged leader and certifying body in education for the marine industr
We offer technical classes that progress from entry level to advanced courses, meeting the
needs of every experienced marine professional seeking improved skills. ABYC and West
lawn combine to provide a full spectrum of education for marine-industry professionals.
ABYC has identified the key areas of marine technical training and has developed standards-based curriculum to
address the varying needs of industry, from entry level through advanced. The three levels of instruction available
Introductory classes designed for the beginner or the entry-level employee.
Advanced training is for the experienced worker.
Certification classes are designed for the experienced marine professional.
Certifications are professional credentials for technical workers, quality control managers and production manager
The ABYC Marine Technician Certification Program is designed for the mid- to high-level experienced technician
The program places strong emphasis on trouble-shooting and analysis in accordance with ABYC standards and ge
erally accepted industry practices. The program consists of eight courses covering important technical areas such a
Marine Electrical Systems, A/C and Refrigeration, Diesel Engines, Gasoline Engines, Marine Corrosion, and Com
posite Boat Building. Those who successfully complete each course and pass a nationally accredited certification
exam will receive a certificate, a uniform patch, a listing in ABYC’s online Certified Technician Directory and for
all who are an ABYC member, the ability to purchase ABYC Certified Technician signage for their organization’s
entrance, showroom or shop floor.
The ABYC Certified “Master Technician” designation is for ABYC Certified Technicians who have successfully
passed at least three of any of the eight ABYC Certification exams. These technicians not only have the work expe
ence, but have demonstrated the desire to improve their skills with extensive standards-based technical marine edu
Easily accessible ABYC webinars cover a wide assortment of technical marine topics and have covered subjects
from electric-shock drowning to propeller selection, to hybrid propulsion.
Westlawn Institute provides training for small-craft naval architects. Indeed, in over eighty years of operation, We
lawn has trained more practicing boat designers than any other school. Westlawn’s short Elements of Technical B
Design course is tailored for industry professionals who need to understand the fundamentals of boat design, but
who are not planing on becoming professional designers. Westlawn also offers short continuing education courses
for technicians and marine surveyors in subjects such as corrosion, marine fuel systems and fiberglass design and
If you need to design, build, repair or inspect it. ABYC and Westlawn offer the training you need to ensure you ar
up to the job.
John Adey, ABYC Interim President
John Adey