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The Herreshoff Marine Museum/America’s Cup Hall of Fame
Fifth Classic Yacht Symposium
Academic Tickets Available to Westlawn Students
he Classic Yacht Symposium is held biennially by the
Herreshoff Marine Museum/America’s Cup Hall of Fame.
The 2012 program celebrates the centennial of two signifi-
cant developments in yachting history:
The development of the big racing
schooners and the design of Herre-
shoff’s iconic ALERION. The program
brings together up to 200 owners,
builders, designers, enthusiasts, and
technical specialists for a presentation
of papers and panel discussions, and
culminates with the publication of the
brochure and DVD. Addi-
tional ALERION papers, not included in
the presentations, will be on the DVD.
These are distributed to all who attend
the Symposium and will be sold
through the Herreshoff Marine Mu-
seum website and museum store.
Morning Program, A Century and More of the Big Schooners,
Moderator Halsey C. Herreshoff
At the turn of the century, the big racing schooners were the
technical marvels of the day. On lengths of 130 ft and carry-
ing 12,000 sq.ft. of sail, European royalty and American
yachtsmen of the robber-baron era competed for interna-
tional fame. Today in Europe new replicas are being built
and raced. Yacht designer and America’s Cup sailor, Halsey
Herreshoff, provides new insights into the original vessels,
the most successful of which were designed by his grandfa-
ther, Nat Herreshoff. The builders, owners and captains of
the modern replicas, including ELEONORA, ATLANTIC, INGO-
MAR, and others tell their first hand
experiences in building and racing in
international competition today. In
contrast with the light-scantling,
metal–hulled racing schooners, learn
about the restoration of the last of
the classic Victorian schooners,
CORONET. This heavy-timbered ves-
sel, no less a marvel of its day, is
unique in the complexity and nu-
ances of approach and detail
required to restore her to her former
Afternoon Program - The ALERION Revolution: What Nat
Herreshoff Started in 1912 - Moderator John Palmieri
In 1912 Nat Herreshoff at age 63 carved a half model of a
daysailer with a new form that inspires to this day. Museum
Curator, John Palmieri, develops the history of the design
from Nat’s own records. Bringing ALERION forward, marine
historian and
technical editor, Maynard Bray,
describes her rebirth in 1969 at Mystic Seaport to becom
the jewel of the revitalized small-boat exhibit. Inspired by
Maynard’s work, well-known boat builders, designers and
owners describe their work in the U
and France to bring new ALERIONs,
including modern derivatives of the
original, to grace the waters with th
beauty and winning performance.
Additional Programming
Meet wooden boat builders and res
ers during an informal get-together
the Bristol Boat Company, located
across the street from the Museum
Dan Shea, boat builder and owner
the Bristol Boat Company, will ope
his doors after the formal program
symposium participants to provide
opportunity for those who build and
restore ALERIONs and her modern derivatives to meet wit
symposium attendees and discuss their work.
Then, symposium attendees are invited to an after-hours
reception hosted by Herreshoff Designs, Inc. Refreshmen
will be provided. The reception will provide attendees add
tional exposure to the Herreshoff lore and an opportunity
symposium participants to interact for information, help
Those who wish to attend may join symposium participan
for dinner. Dinner will be offered at the DeWolf Tavern in
Bristol (not included in the registration fee).
In addition, participants are invite
the museum on Sunday morning f
a special guided tour of the N.G. H
reshoff Model Room. There, the or
nal design models of the famous
Herreshoff yachts can be inspecte
first hand along with the instrume
that made the half model method
viable. Finally, Participants are w
come to attend the Museum’s op
ing day exhibits commencing at
Ten student tickets are available for active Westlawn stu-
dents. Call to Maggie Church at 401-253-5000 to arrange
your student ticket.
For more information contact the museum at:
Or visit our website at
INGOMAR takes the lead during a race
Workers at the Herreshoff Manufacturing
Company building ALERION