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Way Pty Ltd has tapped Tasmania-
based designer Will Allison and his
design firm, Imaginocean Yacht Design, to
design both a 47 meter motoryacht and its
8 meter tender.
The decision to custom build a tender was
born out of the need for an attractive, func-
tional day boat that offers protection from
the weather, whilst still permitting the enjoy-
ment of water sports. Will Allison says,
“There’s any number of limousine-style ten-
ders out there: but they are a single use ves-
sel. The objective here was to create a prac-
tical boat that would serve as a comfortable
tender, but also be suitable for a range of
other activities.” The result is an edgy-looking 8 meter boat
with seating for up to eight guests and crew. IYD employed a
combination of aluminum for the hull and structure, with
composites for much of the interior, to produce a durable
vessel that is also light enough to be lifted onto the aft d
of the mother ship. Hull number one is currently under co
struction in Hobart and is due to be launched by the mid
of 2012.
Will Allison
Imaginocean Yacht Design
C.Way Pty Ltd releases details of two exciting but very
different projects:
An 8 meter superyacht tender and a 47 meter motoryacht
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