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Early on in the tender’s design process, it became apparent
that the two firms shared an enthusiasm and vision that
would be ideal for the refinement of the motoryacht con-
cept. Allison says, “Even
at the larger end of the
spectrum, owners are
looking for improved
efficiency. So we based
the design on a longer,
lower platform that still
remains under the
500GT limit. The longer
waterline length allows
for higher displacement
speeds, with lower fuel
consumption; while re-
ducing the height im-
proves stability. The mo-
tion is more comfort-
able, with less reliance
on active stabilization
and the yacht is simply
more pleasant to be
aboard. It’s a win-win-
The result is a dramatic looking yacht where indoor/outdoor
living is the driving force behind the design. There are a vari-
ety of spaces that open up to give a connection to the sea
that is often missing in larger yachts. In the full-beam main
saloon, for instance, the little balconies that are becoming
increasingly common these days are eschewed in favor of
almost full height windows, that slide back to completely
open the interior to the outside. An expansive “beach club,”
a second open-air saloon on the upper deck and a foredeck
spa/lounge, ensure that there will always be a perfect spot
for every occasion.
With the extensive range of tenders and toys in the water,
the upper deck is simply enormous. The aforementioned
second saloon opens onto this, and like the main, can be
opened up completely on three sides for what must surely
be the ultimate place to enjoy an alfresco breakfast. Or, if
you prefer the view looking forward, there is an open air
bridgedeck that features a second helm.
C.Way and Imaginocean Yacht Design have created a yacht
that promises to be quite unlike anything else in this seg-
ment of the market. The high Australian dollar has given
C.Way the confidence to build the hull in Asia and fit her
in Australia. They intend to market both Tango and the t
new vessels into an
international market
This is the time for
change in the super-
yacht industry and t
team are certainly
showing the directio
Will Alison
Yacht Design
4 Warwick Street
Hobart, Tasmani
Australia 7000
Phone: 0419 366 8
Alison 8-meter and a 47-meter . . .
8-Meter Tender:
26 ft. - 3 in. (8.0 m)
22 ft. - 8 in. (6.9 m)
9 ft. - 2 in. (2.8 m)
1 ft. - 0 in. (0.3 m)
2.2 Tonnes
Propulsion: Mercruiser 4.2Mpi 220 hp
25 kts
47-Meter Motoryacht:
157 ft. - 2 in. (47.9 m)
154 ft. - 2 in. (47.0 m)
31 ft. - 6 in.
(9.6 m)
7 ft. - 7 in.
(2.3 m)
260 Tonnes
Twin 700-hp
15 kts