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Volvo Ocean Race Yacht Drawings
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However, it is to be noted that the three designers have
shared the following: using the maximum beam afforded by
the rating rule and fashioning keels, rudders and center-
boards of similar shape.
The above lines plans have drawn for French maga-
Voiles & Voiliers
Sails & Sailboats
), but not all have
been published. The last three appeared in the latest issue
for the month of May, alongside commentary from a few
With regards to the damages experienced in recent legs, it
must be observed in humble truth that the latest genera-
tions of yachts and shapes of yachts are developed for for-
midable performance such that has never been witnessed
before, so the sustained impacts into head seas has only in-
creased the stress and strain on mechanical parts and the
hull itself. It is to the credit of the teams ongoing yachts if
they have sustained no breakage.
Congratulations must also be offered to the sailors who
have endured so much wash on deck and so much discom-
fort above as well as below decks!
François Chevalier is a naval architect, author, journalist,
illustrator, and university lecturer based in Paris, France.
With Jacques Taglang, he has worked on the history of the
America's Cup and also on American and English yachts in
the nineteenth century. He is an alumnus of the Westlawn
Institute of Marine Technology and of the École Nationale
Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) Paris.
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See a table listing the Volvo Ocean Race
boats in each race on the next page.
Volvo 70 2011 - 2012 –
Groupma 4
– Juan Kouyoumdjian
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