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The Father-and-Son Team Behind Specmar, a Firm
Responsible for Over 100 Boat Designs and Counting
ounded about 15 years ago by Stephen F. Pollard as a boat-lofting firm
specializing in welded aluminum construction, Specmar has delivered
over 100 boat designs of incredible variety. Originally formed as Specialty
Marine Contractors the company is now named “Specmar.” It became
apparent early on that there was a need for a design firm specializing in
aluminum construction that was experienced with welded aluminum. The
firm thus combined their boatbuilding experience and their 3D-CAD lofting
ability to morph into just such a design firm, with the additional specialty of
making all aluminum surfaces developable. Specmar boats are noted for
being rugged and simple to construct. They tend to be more of the commer-
cial quality, favored by Northwest and Alaska boaters.
Steve constructed a number of welded aluminum vessels in the 1970’s and 1980’s, including a number of ocean-racing
sailboats, and gained extensive first-hand knowledge about working aluminum. He has owned and operated boatyards
involved in construction, commercial-vessel conversion, and ship repair. Working in steel and aluminum, he has con-
structed over 100 power and sailing boats, as well as completed repairs on small and large commercial vessels to 1,000
tons. A loftsman as well, Steve has personally lofted the majority of the 100 boats that he has constructed.
This practical first-hand knowledge of lofting, metal-boat construction, and ship repair is applied to his computer lofting
efforts with an eye towards reducing material waste, simplifying construction, and increasing productivity. Almost continu-
ously active in the boatbuilding, repair, and design business since 1965, Steve graduated from the Westlawn Institute of
Marine Technology in 2000 to better his understanding of the more technical aspects of boat design. He has spent a num-
ber of years working with his son, Pat, in their office in Scappoose Oregon. Together they have designed well over 100
welded aluminum boats from a 14-foot drift boat to their latest 45-foot, foil-assisted catamaran. In addition, Steve is the
author of
Boatbuilding with
, published by Inter-
national Marine/McGraw-Hill,
which is recognized as one of
the best how-to books on the
Steve’s son, Patrick Pollard
(Pat), has worked in the shop
and boat yard as a certified
aluminum welder as well as
constructing his own alumi-
num boat. He has been work-
ing at Specmar as a drafts-
man and boat designer for
the past six years, and com-
pleted the Westlawn Ele-
ments of Technical Boat De-
sign course in 2006 to com-
pliment his understanding of
Steven Pollard 
Patrick Pollard 
7.7 m RIB, 25’-3” LOA, 9’-11” beam, disp. 3,400 lb, top speed 39 knots
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