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Annapolis, MD 21403
Yes, this is a boat built out of cardboard and yes, it is on purpose! Recently the Water Safety Congress
put on a day-long session to bring matters of boating safety to life. ABYC’s part was safety standards.
The cardboard boat was built to prove a point – Anyone can be a boatbuilder. All it takes is one phone
call to the USCG to get a Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC). From there, you follow the Fed-
eral regulations and you are ready to go! There are factory visits scheduled by qualified USCG per-
sonnel but with over 4,000 registered builders and 15 or so inspectors, it may be a while before they
get to you! So, practically, this boat could end up for sale and on the water without anyone having a
look at it! Our job is to make sure this doesn’t happen. Promoting qualified design personnel (Westlawn grads!) and the use of
ABYC standards in the construction process is our best defense against sub-standard product entering the market. All of us are
partners in this process, whether the design, construction or repair there is always the opportunity for us to interject ABYC stan-
dards into the process. One of my primary goals as ABYC’s new president is to increase the visibility of ABYC, our standards
and certified techs. If a consumer is looking for a boat, designer or repair yard I don’t want them to even consider someone who
is not affiliated with ABYC! So stay tuned and let us know how we can help you use your affiliation with ABYC to the fullest!
To see the full sequence of photos on the loss and eventual demise of
our cardboard boat:
John Adey, ABYC President
John Adey