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The owner of the 37-foot motorsailer,
Pretty Penny
, has asked you about installing a more powerful bow
thruster. The proposed new thruster and its tube will fit without a problem. The existing thruster wiring on
’s 12-volt electric system is good-quality, tinned-copper boat cable (BC5W2) 1 AWG, and is in good condi-
tion with excellent continuity. The thruster’s power cables run from the forward end of the engine compartment,
with the length of the run, from the batteries to the thruster measured along the cables, of 16 feet 10 inches.
The old thruster was rated at 77 pounds of thrust, driven by a 2-hp DC motor drawing 205 amps. The new
thruster is rated at 132 pounds of thrust, with a 4-hp, 12-volt DC motor drawing 290 amps.
Can the existing power cables be used for the new thruster and why or why not?
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Last year saw a significant jump in boating-related injuries and fatalities. To help reduce boating accidents on our
waterways this summer, the U.S. Coast Guard has started a campaign to provide recreational boaters with useful
and timely information about safe boating practices.
Each month from May through August the Coast Guard will release a selection of short articles for the education of
the boating public. We hope you’ll visit the U.S. Coast Guard links to these articles and enhance your boating knowl-
edge and to pass these links along to friends, associates and clients.
To access the first of these articles and photos, click on the links below:
The U.S. Coast Guard reminds all boaters to "Boat Responsibly!" For more tips on boating safety, visit
Download Articles for
May 2012
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Disregard this.
For more information on the U.S. Coast Guard and on Boat-