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Box Rule
The box rule approach to big-boat racing lets boats
race on a one-design basis while allowing room for
designers to experiment with design features. By us-
ing a “box within a box” type rule that sets minimum
and maximum dimensions, boats are more closely
ensured of similar boat speeds.
The box rule for Class-40 boats imposes specific de-
sign limitations that include, among other things, con-
trol over length, draft, and beam etc. There are some
areas where designers can make modifications to the
design that will make the boat go faster in certain
conditions, but these can result in
slower speeds in other conditions. (Trade-offs are al-
ways part of the design process). Class-40-rule boats
are designed to be raced by one or two people in rac-
ing events.
The Class-40 rule also imposes limits on exotic materi-
als, equipment, and construction in order to limit costs
and develop safer and more reliable boats that will
race on an equal level.
See page 21 for an example of a boat designed to the
box rule for Class 40.
June 2012 Page 24
e are very pleased to announce that ABYC and West-
lawn Institute have created a new forum for ABYC
certified marine technicians. We’ve done this to enable ma-
rine techs to have a place to share information and ques-
tions with each other and with ABYC education- and techni-
cal-department staff. Exchanging and sharing information
in this way will not only help each to create better techni-
cians who are better able to recognize and solve problems,
but will assist ABYC/Westlawn in keeping its education pro-
grams and standards up to date and enable ABYC and
Westlawn to answer questions more effectively.
Even better, the ABYC Certified Marine Technician Forum
(the ABYC Tech Forum) is part of the extensive Westlawn
Institute of Marine Technology boat-design forum. This way,
Westlawn boat design students and alumni can share ideas
with practicing marine techs and marine techs will have
access to the vast store of information found on the West-
lawn design forum.
To log in to the ABYC Tech Forum, just go to the ABYC web-
site home page and click on the link for ABYC Tech Forum,
Your ABYC Tech Forum login username and password are
the same ones you already use to enter the member areas
of the ABYC website. If you have any questions about your
login or if you have login issues contact ABYC Education:
Cris Gardner: 410-990-4460, ext 104
Sandy Brown: 410-990-4460, ext 101
When you log in, you’ll have a choice of entering either the
ABYC Tech Forum or the Westlawn design forum. Choose
whichever you wish. Once you are in the forum you se-
lected, you can switch back and forth between these two
forums at any time. They are really one large forum, sepa-
rated only to keep the subject matter clearly divided for
ease of reference. Only certified ABYC marine techs and
active Westlawn boat design students and alumni can ac-
cess the forum.
Any and all questions, information, experiences, stories
about boats are welcome: Have you found some handy
equipment, tools or test instruments? Do you have ques-
tions about test procedures, or problems with specific mod-
els or gear? Have you got questions about standards or
about certification courses? Do you have photos of interest-
ing boats or of horrible (or wonderful) installations? Do you
have stories about odd or interesting problems or repairs?
Or, have you just found a great place to eat at a local dinner
or a great cruising or mooring site? All are welcome. Make
yourself heard! The more you use the forum the better it will
We’ll look forward to seeing your posts and talking to you
on the ABYC Tech Forum.
Announcing the New ABYC Certified Marine
Technician Online Forum – the
ABYC Tech Forum