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June 2012
Setting Up a Template
File in Rhino
By Bruce Hayes, Principal Naval Architect, DRS Defense Solutions, LLC
Rhino and Orca3D have a number of
settings which a user may wish to set
before starting a new model. Some of
these are stored in the registry, and
are therefore in effect each time you
start Rhino. Others, however, are spe-
cific to a Rhino document, and while
they are stored with an existing
model, they have to be set each time
you start a new model. For example,
in Rhino it is common to set the fol-
lowing items before beginning a new
model, in the
Document Properties
Units (mm, m, feet, inches,
Grid settings
Similarly, there are a number of set-
tings that are specific to Orca3D that
should be set before beginning a new
model. These settings can be accessed through the
command which opens the Orca3D Document
Properties dialog shown right. Some of these include:
Company Name
Logo File
Orca3D units (all units other than length, which is a Rhino setting)
Model Orientation
View Settings
Fluid Density
Hydrostatics mesh settings
Rather than having to remember to go through this process each time you begin a new model, it is easier to set eve-
rything once, and then save a template file; simply use the
Save As Template
function in the
File Menu
after entering
all of the settings.
When starting Rhino, select
(or type the command
). You will be able to select from a list of templates.
If you’d like to automatically start with your template each time you open Rhino, check the box that says
Use this file
when Rhino starts
, and then select your template from the list.
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