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Volvo Ocean Race Yacht Drawings
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What stands out distinctively today is the narrow beam at
the waterline on the one hand, and the hollow shape of the
hulls on the other. Indeed, the three designers created nar-
row hulls, with as much external ballast as possible, with a
tapered chine-bilge, as required by the rating rule, at broad-
est section of the yacht.
According to Bruce Farr, a yacht must be a skimming dish
designed in compliance with the rating rule. His hulls feature
angular lines, rather than flowing from a free hand: the for-
ward sections are cut into an arrowhead along a plane that
follows the deck from the bow to the mast. Then comes a
50cm vertical section, which is parallel on either side and
extends far aft. The final angle is featured on the topsides,
starting at a 45° angle from the bottom of the keel until the
chain girth measurement. The cut extends all the way to the
Laurie Davidson favored safety instead and created compre-
hensively buoyant forward sections, though this penalized
performance because it increased developable surface. The
fin of
's keel seems to develop greater area than other
Mani Frers' design displays greater stiffness, with wider top-
sides, as well as a sharper bow. The fin of the keel, which is
positioned slightly forward of the mast, favors upwind per-
formance, although this makes the yacht chase a lot more
downwind. Her sail plan is far back, and the mast is close to
It is interesting to note that all ballast has been centered
down the waterline.
Incidentally, the Farr yachts took both first and second
place, and Laurie Davidson had to make do with sixth place,
though taking victory in the final leg.
For the next edition, the Volvo Ocean Race introduced the
new VO70 rule. Longer, lighter, with greater sail spread, a
canting keel and the choice of twin rudders; these yachts in-
herited improvements developed in the America's Cup, the
TP52 as well as the IMOCA circuits.
Juan Kouyoumdjian was the champion in this competition,
ABN Amro One
taking 16 out 22 races and his
Amro Two
establishing a new 24-hour distance record. Bruce
Farr's four VO70s
Pirates of the Caribbean
Volvo 60 2001 - 2002 - Laurie Davidson
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