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Volvo Ocean Race Yacht Drawings
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took up
the rankings in the middle of the
fleet and the Australian en-
, designed by Don
Jones, finished in the last place.
Juan K's designs exploited every
loophole in the rating rule, creat-
ing a larger, stiffer yacht, with a
very sharp wave-piercing bow, a
canting keel swinging on a hinge
inside the hull, increasing stiff-
ness further in upwind condi-
tions, a skimming hull shape in
after sections, deep dagger-
boards, longer keel with a thin-
ner section. With more power
and capable of planing exten-
sively, these hulls established
themselves as the fastest and
announced a new trend.
Bruce Farr sought a fine and bal-
anced design, with a rudder in
the centerline of the yacht.
As for Don Jones, serving a pro-
ject with limited funds, he cre-
ated a more conventional yacht,
with a round and wide hull,
rounded forward sections, and
with a very forward mast and a
centerboard more forward still,
and featuring a cockpit as way
aft as possible.
I did not have the opportunity to
finalize the plans that I had pre-
pared for the 2008-2009 edi-
tion, because no magazine ex-
pressed an interest to publish
the lines of all five naval archi-
For the 2011-12 edition, with
three contending designers,
Juan K designed half of the
fleet: the American en-
skippered by Ken
Read, the French en-
Volvo 70 2005 - 2006 –
ABN Amro One
– Juan Kouyoumdjian
©François Chevalier 2012