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ABYC Webinars
ABYC is now offering webinars as a new and exciting learning tool to train marine professionals. Webinars are good
for you and your company because they:
Are relatively inexpensive
Are monthly
Are current and topical
Can be viewed in real time or on your own time
Can be archived for members
Help you train your staff
Give you a taste of an ABYC certification class
A typical webinar might feature an ABYC instructor or other industry expert doing a 60-90 minute talk with a Power-
Point presentation on a relevant topic. You might hear Ed Sherman talking about new battery technology or Captain
Dave Rifkin discussing corrosion or John Adey explaining the details of a new ABYC standard. We have learned how
to stream these presentations to your computer in your office with top quality sound, graphics and deliverability.
Order a pizza and gather your technicians in for a shop lunch. Have them all listen and view the presentation. Each
one of them will learn something to take to the boat with them. This will make expertise and knowledge synonymous
with your company and your technicians.