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Westlawn’s Maryland Meet
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silvered/half transparent mirror
used in this groundbreaking investi-
gation. Michelson’s experiment dis-
proved the existence of aether. It
was this work that paved the way
for new approaches. It ultimately
led to Einstein’s special and general
theories of relativity.
In the museum basement, some of
the Westlawn students were peering
into the window to the model repair
room. One of the model makers
looked out and asked what the
group was. Hearing that they were
boat-design students, he said,
Come on in.” So the Westlawn
crew got a wonderful and surprise bonus tour of the
model-repair facility with demonstrations and explana-
tions by the model makers themselves.
The Westlawn crew then stopped for lunch and the Dry-
dock Restaurant in Dahlgren Hall, were—in addition to a
good meal—the students got to watch the plebes under-
going close-order drill training. After lunch, it was back to
the ABYC building. It was a rare opportunity for a guided
tour of the Farr design office, with design engineer Chris
Cochran answering a wide range of questions. It was a
real privilege to glimpse the inner workings of one of the
top design firms in the world.
The first day’s formal program concluded
with the Westlawn students again gathering
in the ABYC building to review their drawings
with Westlawn instructors Eric Holohan and
Nick Di Matteo, director Dave Gerr and pro-
vost Norm Nudelman. Not only was this a
great opportunity to get immediate feedback
but also for students to see each other’s
work. As always, there was “stump the in-
structor.” Students try to pose a question
about boats only, of course) that the instruc-
tors can’t answer. We haven’t been stumped
yet, but there’s always next year . . .
At 6:30, most of the Westlawn crew gath-
ered for dinner at Federal House on Market
Space. Good food, good talk and good drink
fortified the group for Sunday’s seminar.
Back at the ABYC building on Sunday, day
two commenced with a get-together over
breakfast followed by a lecture presented by
The Westlawn crew at the U.S. Naval Academy “Yard”
Model of the
USS Agerholm
DD-826), U.S. Naval Academy Museum
Model Characteristics:
Length 195" (4.953 m), scale 1:24.
Identifier: Navy model catalog #413
Photo by Gibbs & Cox, ca. 1949. Curator of Ship Models archives.
Ship Characteristics:
A Gearing Class Destroyer
Displacement: 2,425 tons full load
Length: 390.5 ft (119 m)
Beam: 41.1 ft (12.5 m)
Draft: 18.5 ft (5.6 m)
Speed: 35 knots (65 km/h)
Complement: 367
A Wright airplane in Dahlgren Hall, one of the earliest airplanes
used by the U.S. Navy
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