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Designers at the IBEX show to explain some of Touch-
CAD's main features.
Designing boats is a thoroughly enjoyable, challeng-
ing, and interesting way to make a living, and though
I'm not getting rich doing it (especially while living in
the middle of nowhere, as far as pleasure boating
goes) I realized a few years ago that I had already
retired . . . if your definition of 'retirement'
to be doing what you love, while counting
your pennies. For this I can thank Westlawn, in part . .
but especially a very patient wife!
Westlawn / Profiles Laurie McGowan
Czarina: a custom 27' centerboard solar/electric ketch designed
for an experienced sailor in The Bahamas. Built by Covey Island
Boatworks of wood/epoxy. Featured in the Sept/Oct. 2007
WoodenBoat magazine.
LOD - 27' 1-5/8" (8.27m)
LWL - 22' 5-3/8" (6.85m)
Beam - 9' 2" (2.79m)
Draft - 3'-1" to 5'-9" (0,94 – 1.75m)
Marine Design
RR#1 Annapolis Royal
NS B0S 1A0
Tel: 902-532-7409