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Volume 7, Issue 2
June 2013
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Scholarship Extended
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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
he Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has received an additional fourth-
year’s donation for the most substantial grant and scholarship program the
school has ever offered! The original grant from the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation
was to be for three years. Based on
the tremendous assistance the Wood
Scholarship has been for Westlawn
students, the Kathy and Jerry Wood
Foundation has extended their support
for an additional year. For qualifying
U.S. students, tuition will be effectively
reduced to levels last seen since the
early 1980s! All funds donated by the Wood Foundation for the initial 2010-through
-2012 period were expended in scholarships and grants for students under the
terms of the donation. We’re looking forward to assisting more students again in
This program continues to be made possible through the generous support of the
Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation, which awarded an initial grant of $90,000, at
$30,000 per year over a three year period (2010, 2011 and 2012) to provide tui-
tion assistance for eligible Westlawn students. With the extension of the funding for
an additional $30,000, Westlawn Institute will be able to continue to offer Wood
Scholarships in 2013. Scholarships will be awarded on an ongoing basis until the
grant funds are expended.
Jerry Wood dedicated much of his life to the support of boating and education. In
fact, he established the Annapolis Sailing School in 1959, which soon became the
largest commercial sailing school in the United States. With the able assistance of
his wife Kathy, they went on to create the first in-the-water all-sailboat show, which
revolutionized boat shows and led Kathy and Jerry to create the United States Pow-
erboat Show—also in Annapolis—two years later. Over the years, the Wood’s busi-
nesses have employed over 3,000 young people and young adults, helping to train
and mentor them to prepare to move out into the world to become well-rounded
mature individuals.
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Westlawn Receives an Additional Fourth-Year
Donation from the
Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation
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