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The Masthead
A Brief History of Sailing Multihulls
by 30%, he easily won the cup!
Facing the pressure of angry con-
tenders however, the Seawanhaka
rating rule was amended to ban
double hulls in subsequent races,
by requiring the maximum draft of
sections to lie on the centerline of
the yacht. This however did not
prevent another naval architect
known for bold designs, Bowdoin B.
Crowninshield, to exploit this loop-
hole. He engineered the trimaran
in 1902 for the Quincy Cup,
though she would fall in the face of
competition given by Starling
Burgess’s defense candidate
, one of history's most ex-
treme scows.
Though catamarans threatened to
change the course of yachting
history both in 1876 and in 1898,
it was to no avail. They failed to
convert yacht clubs as rating rules
were amended to ban multihulls.
(George Herrick Duggan)
is a development of the scow, measuring 10.85m overall and only 5.28m on
the waterline. By raising the centerline keel above the water so as to increase stiffness
and reduce wetted surface, the designer created a catamaran.
(Boudoin Bradlee Crowninshield)
, measuring 16.75m overall and 6.40m on the waterline, is a pseudo-trimaran,
the vaka or centerline keel only present to exploit a loophole in the rating rule which
requires maximum draught of the sections to lie on the centerline of the yacht. The
plate-thin middle “hull” is so
narrow that it needs a sup-
porting tensile structure
above deck.
If multihulls did not achieve a
popular success in the 19th
century, they were never ac-
tually abandoned. Every edi-
tion of the
American Register
of Yachts
listed in excess of
ten cruising or racing cata-
The Sailing Machine
Francis Herreshoff)
In Lewis Francis Herreshoff's
(1890-1972) book
The Com-
mon Sense of Yacht Design
(published 1948), he de-
nounced the controversy en-
Sept. 2013 Page 10
Hybrid catamaran (Quincy Cup)
Designer: B. B. Crowninshield
Launched: 1902
Length: 16.75m
Length overall: 22.40m
Load Waterline Length: 6.40m
Beam: 5.18m
Draught: 0.36m / 2.5m
Upwind sail area: 185sqm
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