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ello again
readers. As you are reading this ABYC and Westlawn are furiously
getting ready for our trek to Louisville, KY and the industry’s IBEX show. We hear
pre-registration is up and vendors have increased, so the stage is set for a successful show for
both ABYC and Westlawn. There is an unpublished theme surrounding many of the presen-
tations and discussions this year; it’s the changing demographics of the industry we work and
play in. It is no surprise that our industry is ageing; with an average age of ABYC members
of between 63-65, we are concerned for the future. Beginning with the high school level,
ABYC is dedicated to making sure that the marine industry is a viable option for not only a job but a long term
career. Engaging the millennial’s/generation Y, while still relating to the baby boomers and generation Xer’s, is a
challenging yet necessary task ahead of us.
Not only is it the age, but the nationality challenge that is a recurring theme at industry events. With the Hispanic
population on the rise and expecting to dominate by the year 2050, we need to look forward and find a way to shift
the general opinion of boating as a “rich white man’s sport.” So what are we doing and what can you do? I encour-
age you to take a look at some free resources on the state of our industry. The Recreational Boating and Fishing
n (
has published a Special Report on fishing and boating for 2013, and the USCG is
conducting a multi-year National Recreational Boating Survey with the 2011 version published on their website
These have statistics down to the state on the type, size and number of boats and boaters
involved in our sport today. Check out your local demographics and see where you stand in the discussion on demo-
graphics, you may be surprised at what’s going on out there.
John Adey
Sept. 2013 Page 2
s a proud Grandpa I couldn’t help but
share this photo and story with you.
My 5-year old Grandson Felix was visiting
on the day that my 2013 ABYC standards
were delivered by UPS. When Felix saw the
box he became very curious about its con-
tents so I told him to go ahead and open the
box. I thought that merely opening the box
would be enough to satisfy his curiosity.
But to my surprise he was intrigued by the
book and began asking questions about
what the book was and why I needed it.
When I explained that the book represented
the best practices for building a boat Felix
grabbed the standards and a captain's hat
and ran out to the pretend ship's wheel that I
had built for him on our back deck. Much to
my chagrin he began questioning if I had
followed the practices in the ABYC stan-
dards when I built his pretend ship.
So it just goes to show you that even a five year old can understand the importance of the ABYC standards.
A note from ABYC member and marine surveyor Angel Zeno
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