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The Masthead
12 Meter Outboard Power Cat
Corentin Bigot
his pleasure craft is designed for
production in series and was
ordered by a local shipyard in New
Caledonia. The design is ideal for
weekend sailing in comfort for a family
and friends. She has good autonomy,
excellent maneuverability and low
draft. These make her the perfect
coastal cruiser. The seaworthiness of
her catamaran hulls, makes her also
suitable for high-seas. Thanks to her
lightweight and optimized hydrody-
namics, fuel consumption is estimated
to 2 liters per nautical miles for a
cruise speed of 13 knots.
The hull shape is drawn from a
recently built 78-foot, wave-piercing
catamaran with inverted bows. The aft
end of the hull forms are wide to
reduce squat. Particular attention has
been paid to centering the weights
(tanks, batteries etc.), which is crucial to reduce the pitch to handle rough seas.
The interior is
designed to
fully integrate
the outside
into the interior
thanks to large
hull opening
ports and a
saloon with
view. The fly-
bridge allows
excellent visi-
bility, which is
rare on this
type of craft.
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