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The Masthead
By Bruce Hayes, Principal Naval Architect, DRS Defense Solutions, LLC
Docking Orca3D
Toolbars with Rhino 5
Sept. 2013 Page 25
addition to the traditional ability to dock toolbars around the edge of the drawing area, Rhino 5 introduced toolbar
tabs along the top of the drawing area. If you would like to create an Orca3D tab that contains the Orca3D toolbars,
follow these steps:
1. If the Orca3D toolbar that you wish to put in the tab is docked, undock it by dragging it into the drawing area. You
must click on the double lines at the top of the toolbar to drag it.
2. Stretch the width of the toolbar by dragging on the right side of the toolbar, so that you can see the title of the toolbar.
This step is required.
3. Click on the title to drag the toolbar up to the tabs at the top of the drawing area. You can place it anywhere in the row
of tabs that you like.
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