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Recreational Boating is
$121 Billion Economic
Driver for U.S.
New data show 88 million
Americans expected to take to
U.S. waterways this summer
CHICAGO, June 11, 2013: The
National Marine Manufacturers
Association (NMMA) today
announced that recreational
boating in the U.S. has an annual
economic value of $121 billion.
The industry’s rising tide sup-
ports 964,000 American jobs and
34,833 businesses, generates
$40 billion in annual labor income
and drives $83 billion in annual
The NMMA, on behalf of the U.S.
boating industry, released these
findings today as part of its an-
nual U .S. Recreational Boating
Statistical Abstract, a collection
of data and analysis on the state
of the U.S. recreational boating
industry. Additional data high-
lights include:
New Boat Sales
Retail sales of new power and
sailboats increased 10.7 percent
in 2012 to 163,245, demonstrat-
ing a post-recession recovery for
the industry. (
Note that this num-
ber includes inboard, outboard,
sterndrive, jet and sail boats).
New powerboat (inboard, out-
board, sterndrive and jet boat)
sales increased 10 percent to
157,300 in 2012. New sailboat
sales increased 29.2 percent to
5,945 in 2012
Small fiberglass and aluminum
outboard boats 26 feet or less in
size, continued their upward
climb with an 11.3 percent in-
crease in the number of new
boats sold. Outboard boats are
the most popular type of new
powerboat sold, making up ap-
proximately 82 percent of the
Ski and wakeboard boats are
seeing healthy growth with an
increase of 13.4 percent new
boats sold in 2012.
Jet boats, which are small fiber-
glass boats less than 26 feet in
length, are a growing category.
Of the 157,300 new powerboats
sold in 2012, 4,500 were jet
boats. New jet boat sales in-
creased 36.4% in 2012.
What’s Ahead
Sales of new powerboats have
remained steady during the first
half of 2013 and continued
growth is expected with the sum-
mer boating season. NMMA an-
ticipates sales of new power-
boats to grow five percent in
“Summer is a peak selling sea-
son for recreational boats, acces-
sories and services throughout
the U.S. as people look for ways
to disconnect from the daily grind
and enjoy fun times on the
water,” said Thom Dammrich,
NMMA president.
“New boat sales
have historically
been a barometer for the U.S.
economy and the steady sales
increases we’re seeing is being
reinforced by the slow uptick in
consumer confidence, housing
and spending. As economic
growth continues, we anticipate
sustained steady growth through
the remainder of 2013.”
Source: NMMA, Contact Ellen Hopkins
Recreational Boating
Industry Conducting New
Department of Energy
Funded Research on
Alternative Biofuels
Tri-fuel testing, including isobu-
tanol, ethanol and gasoline kicks
off in Washington, DC
On June 5, 2013, the National
Marine Manufacturers Associa-
tion (NMMA) kicked off a third
summer season of alternative
biofuel testing in an effort to
further advance marine engine
technology and find an alterna-
tive to fuel containing more than
10 percent ethanol as a result of
its damaging effects on marine
The tests are funded by the De-
partment of Energy, which
released a 2011 report on
engines using E15 revealing
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