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Volume 7, Issue 4
December 2013
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Alumn Manages Cruise-
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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
itially hired as a draftsman at Sea Level Marine in March 2012, Westlawn
graduate Ben Dodarell was quickly was given additional responsibilities.
Today, he is project manager on cruise-ship interior modification and repairs for Sea
Level Marine, with duties that include estimating, design presentations, concept
renderings, purchasing, production drawings, as well as project management. He
works on these vessels both at the dry dock and in service onboard as well as at
Sea Level Marine’s location in Miami.
The company was founded in 2006 and is one of only a few cruise-ship outfitters
located within the United States. Sea Level Marine focuses exclusively on the
interior outfitting and renovation of cruise vessels. Over the last five years, Sea
Level has completed over 100 projects for the world’s leading cruise lines including:
Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Holland America Line,
Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines. It has estab-
lished a reputation for quality and the ability to get the job done on time and within
Sea Level is given anywhere from 11 days to up to 28 days to complete the scope
of work for any project. Its team of 100 to 150 craftsmen will demolish and refur-
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