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boat builders, that’s who was in the room at the recent National Marine Manufacturers
Associations annual Engineering Compliance Seminar in Nashville, TN. One hundred
and forty Boat Builders, responsible for 85% of the boats built and sold in the United States. I have
been attending this seminar for eleven years (so they told me at the hotel check-in counter) and have
seen the numbers as high as 300, to as low as 100. I can’t think of a better snapshot of our industry
than looking out on this group while doing a presentation. I know you are all waiting on my personal
observations of this experience so here it goes:
1. The group looked and sounded younger than in the past, when asked who has been to this seminar for more than 10
years only 2 answered. This is a marked difference from previous years with several tenured attendees.
2. More people (even the newbies) opted for a paper version (yes, paper) than the CD when it came to their choice to
access the ABYC standards. Even though the on-line is available as well, most were frantically following our E-11
Electrical presentation and writing notes in the margins. What does this say about the electronic age?
3. There were several foreign builders (France, Canada to name a couple) that were asking fundamental questions about
the Standards. What does this mean? That the US is still a strong, attractive consumer market!
4. There was new blood! Although this meeting for me is like old home week, there were many new faces. People new
to the industry with experience elsewhere taking a shot at the boating industry. This is probably the most encouraging
of all, younger folks (the Millennials if you will) choosing our industry as a career.
So, as a Westlawn student, what does this mean? I would be encouraged! Many at this meeting felt that the attendance was
right-on for the state of the industry; not busting at the seams, but an indication of health and staying power. Let me leave you
with this, my personal opinion: Boating is here to stay and a choice to be involved will serve you well.
John Adey
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