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Know It All Contest Solution
to the September 2013 Question
On what are the nine standard planking methods for wood boats?
(This issue’s new Know it All question is on
The Know It All questions and correct answers are important design tips for students as well
as other marine professionals. We suggest that you file them away for future reference.
The Question Was:
There are nine standard or common methods of planking wooden boat hulls. Can you name and describe all
nine planking methods?
The Answer is:
Several solutions were submitted for this Know It All question. Though all had most of the standard planking meth-
ods listed, none had all of them and none included herringbone bottom planking. The nine standard methods of
planking wooden boats are:
1. Carvel plank or single plank:
Seams tight on inside and open
on the outside. Joints filled with
caulking, occasionally glued
splined joints.
2. Double planking: Carvel done
twice over with one layer offset.
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