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Essential Continuing Education
For Marine Surveyors, Boatbuilders, Managers and Small-Craft Designers
ABYC Courses and Schedule for 2014
The ABYC education department has been providing industry certifications, training, high
school and college curriculum, and industry seminars for over twenty years. They are provid-
ing the marine industry with the skilled workers required to build and maintain modern
small craft of all types.
ABYC is currently scheduling on-site and factory training for 2014. Please call ABYC for
custom tailored, flat rate, instruction by top industry trainers at your facility (410-990-4460,
Ext. 104).
The Marine Technician Certification Program developed by ABYC with “NOCTI Certification”*
has proven to be the industry standard. ABYC continues to provide the highest quality ma-
rine education and training throughout the country and throughout the year.
For course dates and descriptions
NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) is a regular provider of the assess-
ments on which many certifying bodies depend for measures of applicants' standards-based
knowledge and skills. Certificates benefit employers by showing that applicants have acquired
specific skills. The status of having a certified staff can lead to higher sales and customer
Distance learning is
cost-effective way to ad-
vance your career or train
your employees:
- no travel, little or no
time lost from work
- no on-site or off-site
set up and no facility
- no visiting instructors
- modest tuition costs
- start when you want
- study at your own
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Fiberglass Boatbuilding Materials & Methods
(Course No. BC 401)
This comprehensive distance-learning course provides instruction in the fundamental con-
cepts of sound fiberglass boat construction practices and structural calculations.
This course focuses on current information on fiberglass/composite and related boatbuild-
ing materials, and the best techniques for using them. Topics include: reinforcement fibers,
resin systems, core materials, mold construction, production-facility requirements, boat-
building methods, elements of strength of materials, laminate design and specification,
assembly of components, and design examples.
NOTE: This course consists of lessons excerpted from Westlawn’s larger Elements of Techni-
cal Boat Design course and also in the full Yacht & Boat Design Program. On completion of
BC 401, students may transfer into either program and receive full credit.
for a detailed syllabus
for more details and enrollment information on this and other Westlawn
essential continuing education courses
Course No: TT500)
This comprehensive distance-learning course will provide you with a firm foundation in the
causes of metal corrosion and the current practices in its prevention, reduction and cure.
Topics include: galvanic corrosion, electrolytic corrosion, wastage, pitting, velocity effects,
and cathodic protection. The causes and mitigation of corrosion of stainless steel, copper
and nickel based alloy, aluminum, iron, and steel are studied. Special consideration is given
to problem areas underwater, on deck and aloft, and in engine and fuel systems.
“I could have saved the Gov. money if I'd only had [Westlawn course] TT 500
[Metal Corrosion in Boats] years ago!”
Roger Mays – 2011 – Small Boat Manager/Captain
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
for a detailed syllabus
for more details and enrollment information on this and other Westlawn
essential continuing education courses
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