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estlawn Institute has introduced a new textbook and reference manual on propellers. Titled
Propellers: Form Func-
tion, Selection, Speed & Powering and Problem Solving,
the new book was written by naval architect Dave Gerr, the
author of the industry-standard reference,
Propeller Handbook
, published by International Marine/McGraw-Hill, in 1989.
Incorporating Mr. Gerr’s latest thinking on propeller selection and sizing as well on as problem solving, this new book is
completely revised from the twenty-five year old
Propeller Handbook
. The new
text is now a key portion of
Westlawn’s Module-4 course on
systems and equipment, and it
teaches Westlawn students about:
Engine power curves
Propeller geometry
Blade characteristics
Estimating boat speed
Propeller calculations for
displacement and planing
Special propeller considera-
tions and problems
Propellers for variable thrust
and high thrust
The theory behind the hull-
speed constant
Propeller shaft standards.
“This new propeller textbook is part
of Westlawn’s ongoing updates to
the curriculum,” said Westlawn
director Dave Gerr and author of
“It is a process that never
stops and is one of the reasons our
course is so comprehensive and our
alumni so successful. We have more
substantial updates in the works on
other subjects such as aluminum
hull structure, mechanical systems,
and structural design.”
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