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The Masthead
Dec. 2013 Page 5
estlawn’s new, updated and
enlarged online library is now
available on the Westlawn student
forum. Everything in the Westlawn
Online Library is
There are well over 100 reference books,
papers and links in the Westlawn Online
Library. This is an important learning
resource. If you have questions, on many
subjects, you will be able to find answers
in the Westlawn Online Library. You can
also study advanced topics such as
Advanced-composite design and
engineering, stainless-steel fastener
selection, MCA large yacht code, under-
standing the junk rig, hydrofoil power-
boat design, and much more. See also
the links to AutoCAD and Rhino tips and
The Westlawn Online Library is divided into
sections to make searching easier:
- Design Process and Reference
- Sailboat and Rig Design
- Powerboat Design and
- Structure — Metal, Fiberglass/
Composite, Wood, Misc./Other
- Regulations, Standards and
- Stability
- Drafting and CAD
- Systems, Paint and Finish
- Corrosion and Marine Metals
- Symposiums and
The Masthead
Visit and explore the Westlawn Online Library. You’ll find it a
trove of useful information.
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