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he Bay-Dream 5.50 m is an ideal
hybrid boat. The goal of the boat
was to make something really different,
to try to reinvent what could be user-
friendly and modern.
Jean-Hubert Pommois is the owner of
the dynamic yard Astusboats, in France.
He is currently focused on small trima-
rans up to 24 feet. Mr. Pommois asked
me to design the boat around particular
specifications. As I am an alumnus of
Westlawn, I have learned to be able to
provide an answer to the client, which is
the principal mission of my job of yacht
The trimaran Bay-Dream 5.5 m is a
solution for those who wish "to go for a
walk" easily on the water, without
spending time to prepare their journey.
They can use their furling genoa to
enjoy the quiet, or drive their boat from
the center console to get
home quickly using her
20-hp outboard.
The wheel steers either the
pivoting rudder or the out-
board. A small centerboard
is lowered when sailing.
The central hull is fitted with
a small cabin, with 1.42 m
(4’-7”) headroom, with a
double berth and plenty of
volume to store anything you
want on each side, because
the forward volume of the
floats is available. A porta-
potti is located here too.
The cockpit and deck area is
very important because of
the almost squared outline.
The transom can be open or
closed, and the seats give
Bay-Dream 5.5 m
Designed By Eric Henseval
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