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Flags of Convenience
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hinkof flagsand ships and youmay picture frigates under sail exchanging
thunderingbroadsides until the vanquished strikesher colors. Or, perhaps, the
inwhicha vessel flies the flagof friendly nationuntil it canget close
enough to fireon its foewithoutwarning. Then, there’s the skull and cross bones,
the JollyRoger, whichno self respectingpiratewould sail without . . . of course.
Thereare signal flags, and courtesy flags, and yacht clubandowner’s burgees, and
then thereare flags of convenience . . . Flags ofwhat?
It’s natural toassume that a shipor boatwould fly the flagof the country of its
owner or the flagof its real workinghomeport. In fact—at least for ships and large
yachts—this is seldom the case. Indeed,most ships are registeredunder foreign
flag. Such registrations areknownas flags of convenienceor FOC. This is done for a
number of reasons.
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