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small boatbuilder inhis
area calledKMV. KMV
up to25 feet that you
might compare toBoston
Whalers. The shapes
weredifferent however.
Thehullswerenot V
shapedbut rather round
with flat surfaces aft to
helpplaning. They hired
St-Onge todevelopanew
lineofmodern, luxury
runabouts for theNorth
AmericanMarket. KMV
went out of business in
the recessionof the90s
and Luc thenbecomea
consultant. Hediddiffer-
ent types of projects
from runabouts toa65-foot steel ferry boat, and
dashboards for anelectric system company supplying the
boating industry. In1994, with theeconomy recovering, Luc
went back toCadoretteMarinewhichhad just buildanew
plant andR&D center in the same town.
A little later that same year, Cadorettebought Doral. The
Cadorettenamewas then suppressedand thenewentity
becameDoral International, buildingboats under theDoral
brandname. In late '94, Doral was purchasedby Jeanneau
out of France. Thenewentitywas named JeanneauCanada.
Jeanneauwanted tobenefit from the runabout and small
cruiser expertiseof Doral International andalsobe closer to From Luc’s perspective, beingownedby
suchabigbuilderwas openingall kindof opportunities. One
of the first projectsheundertook for thenew companywas
remodelingandproducinga28-foot sailboat from theSun
Odyssey series for theU.S. andCanadianmarkets. The com-
pany also startedproducing theCapCamarat series of cen-
ter-console fishingboats. Theyhad tomodify them for North
American requirements anduses, andalso renamed that
series "Ibiza."
While themarketwas really comingback strong inNorth
America in1994,
inFrance sold itsCanadian facil-
ity a year after its acquisition. The transitionwent seam-
lessly andDoral thrived from1994 to the fall of 2008when
theboatingmarketwas hit hardby thegreat recession.
Doral closed itsR&D center andmothballedproduction in
late2009. The time then came for St-Onge to refreshhis
resumeandportfolioandknockon somedoors. Healso
applied formembership in theAssociationof Canadian In-
dustrial Designers as aprofessionalmember through the
Quebec branchof theAssociation. Luc found that hisWest-
lawndiploma, his portfolioandhis experienceallowedhim
tobecomeaprofessional, charteredmember of theassocia-
Inmarch2010, St-Ongewas contactedby Irwin Jacobs, the
boating Industry tycoon, whohadbeen referred to Lucby an
exDoral co-designer and friendwhohadworked forMr. Ja-
cobs during theGenmar era. Jacobswas looking for a senior
designer for theboat brands hewas just restartingunder
J&DAcquisitions LLC. St-Onge sent a resumeandportfolio
tohim. Jacobs forwarded the information tohis principals at
Carver Yachts inWisconsinand Larson inMinnesotaalong
witha remodelingassignment for a coupleof Carvermod-
els. Since then, fromhis office inQuebec, St-Ongehasbeen
workingas a consultant exclusively for LarsonandCarver .
7404ClaudeMasson street
Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada, G9C0C7,
Tel: 819-841-0535
The Larson
All American23
designedby St‐Onge in2011 for the100thanniversaryof  
Larson, celebrated in2013. It is a current Larsonmodel, 23 feet LOA, 8‐ft. ‐ 6‐in. beam. 
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