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KingCAT80 - PowerCatamaran
van Erdevicki Naval Architecture &
Yacht Design of Vancouver, BC,
Canada has developed further the
designof the KingCAT80 power cata-
maran, a design commissionedby
Kingship Marine of Hong Kong. This
spacious catamaran capable of accom-
modatingeight guests and crew of two
now comes in two distinct versions,
first with an open fly bridge and a
sundeck aft and second with a fully
enclosed, air
conditioned fly bridge but
retaining the aft sun deck with Jacuzzi.
The brief by Kinship was to produce
minimalist styling with clean lines and
a boat with big yacht features, a fast
comfortable cruiser but very maneu-
verableand easy to handle at sea and
in port.
The KingCAT 80 is anall
yacht with powerful twin hulls, pleasing
shear lines with amodern neat looking
superstructureenveloped in panoramic
windows all around the main deck accommodationand
the fly bridge with commanding views of the whole boat.
The exterior profile features sleek streamlinedhullswith
plumb stems and a longwaterline for speed and efficient
carving in the seaway. The propulsion is twindiesels power-
ing water
jets with amaximum speed of 28 knots, which,
in combinationwith bow thrusters, will provide exceptional
The deck space ismaximized using
the full 31ft beam available, the lei-
sure area is covered in teak while the
work areas have non
slip surfaces
with the deck fitted with flush glass
hatches for natural light below. Aft,
the space between hulls and under the
spacious cockpit deck isused toneatly
store the tender covered by aperma-
nent swimplatform, which, together
withplatforms oneachhullmakes a
spacious beach club, a feature normally
found onmuch larger yachts. The ac-
cess to the main deck is from the
platforms on eachhull, via steps lead-
ing to the cockpit; the steps cleverly
doubling as engine covers giving unre-
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