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613ThirdSt., Suite 10
Annapolis,MD 21403
t’s the first day of spring, and here inAnnapolis it’s sunny yet still unseasonably cold. The
MaritimeRepublic of Eastport (MRE)where our office is located is gearing up for its an-
nual “sock burning” and this year as a special treat, the ice is off the creek!
I have a special appreciation for designers this spring.My old sailboat has a sinking feeling.
The stuffingbox threads have been slowly strippingunder pressure (old nylonone) and it’s
become increasingly harder to keep thewater flow to a slow drip. So as a diligent boat owner I pulled her thiswinter
and began the process of replacing the stuffing box; which ended up as a shaft, coupler and cutlass bearing, really no
surprise on a 38year oldboat!
Sowhy do I appreciate designers?Because I could actuallydo this jobwithout taking a sawzall to the interior, or
pulling the engine, or inventing a newyoga pose. Accesswas reasonable (not out in the open but not buried either)
and a bad job to start withwas not compoundedby days of prep on the front end and repair on the backend due to
access problems. So to all those designers out therewho consider how technicianswill be able to access these critical
areas, I say thankyou. And to thosewho never give a thought tomaintenance, repair and access to someone larger
than anOlympic gymnast, I pleadwithyou to reconsider! If you are just beginningyour design career, please take
this short segment to heart, and realize that someday, at some point, your creationmay just need to be repaired!
Looking forward to beingback on thewater soon.
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aveMarlow, Director of Product Integrity/Government Affairs for Brunswick, recently
was namedBoardChair of theAmericanBoat&Yacht Council (ABYC).With this
appointment, Dave becomes the onlyABYC volunteer to hold this position for two separate
terms since the officewas established in1954.Marlow previously held the position from
1999 to 2000. Dave assumed theBoardChair role after JackHornor, ofMaryland’sMarine
Survey andDesignCompany, passed away inOctober 2013.
The role of theABYC is to be the essential source of technical information for the interna-
tionalmarine industry. Such efforts extend todeveloping product safety standards, profes-
sional credentialing, education, and technical training tomake boatingmore enjoyable and
With the support of Brunswick,Marlow has twice ledABYC’sBoard duringhis 25-yearmembership, most notably
through some recent crucial changes that affected the safety andoverall quality of the boating experience. Under his
leadership, ABYC’s Technical Division and its standards and practices grew to become the accepted requirements
for theNationalMarineManufacturersAssociation (NMMA)’s certification program, and the basis formany of the
EU’s ISO standards. Dave also has been instrumental in receivingANSI certification forABYC standards, aswell as
entrenched in the issues concerning carbonmonoxide, electric shock drowning and propeller injurymitigation.
Dave, who is also anABYCMaster Technician, last yearwon theABYCServiceAward.
ABYC celebrates 60 years of standards this year; incorporated in 1954 as a not-for-profit organization todevelop
safety standards for the design, construction, equipping, repairing andmaintenance of boats.
First toHoldABYCBoardChairmanship for Two Separate Terms
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