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ByBruceHays, Principal NavalArchitect, DRSTechnologies, Inc.
UsingClippingPanes to
ViewaPortionof theHull
andControl Points
hen fairingahull, it
canbehelpful to view
just aportionof the surface
or the control net.With
Rhino’sClippingPlanes, it is
easy to isolateas littleor as
muchof thehull as you like.
AClippingPlane isaplane
in spacebeyondwhich the
model becomes invisible.
Multipleplanes canbeused;
for example, two transverse
planes couldbeused to iso-
late themiddleportionof a
hull. But theplanes don’t
need tobeparallel toone
another; one couldbe trans-
verseandanother parallel
to thewaterplanes. There is
no limit to thenumber of
ClippingPlanes that you can
ClippingPlanes are specific
toone view (e.g., theRight
or Perspective view), and
are shownasa rectangle in
themodel. TheClipping
Plane itself shows up inall
views tomake it easy to
move, but the clippingonly
takes effect in the view
where theClippingPlane
was defined.
To createaClippingPlane,
start theClippingPlane
command (either typeClip-
pingplane in the command
line, or select it from the
Viewmenu). Clickanddrag
todrawa rectangle in the
viewwhere youwould like
the clipping to takeplace
(for example, theBodyplan
or Right viewport), Fig. 1.
The sizeof the rectangle
does notmatter; justmake
it largeenough to see it eas-
ily in theother views. Now,
by dragging theClipping
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Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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