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s fellow lovers of theoceanandall thingsboating, we
thoughtwe’d take this chance to introduce you toa
small school tuckedaway on the scenicCoast ofMaine. For
over thirty years, The LandingSchool hasbeenhome tomen
andwomanwithapassion for boats andadreamofwork-
ing in themarine industry. We standon the strengthof our
remarkable traditions and success aswe lookwithanticipa-
tion towhat lies ahead. Everythingabout The Landing
School always has beenandalwayswill beabout the
marine trades.
Students come to The LandingSchool from forty-one states
and ten countries. They are veterans, high school graduates,
second career seekers andadult learners.Weare small yet
diversewhichmeans our students receive individual atten-
tion yet benefit from thewide variety of experiencesheldby
our student body and faculty.
It is our belief that surroundingour studentswith role
modelswhoare life-longmarineprofessionals is the secret
ingredient ina school culture that is affirmingandaspira-
tional, global and intimate, joy-filledandmarine-centric.
A Little About
The Landing School
Studentsbuilding the
Flyfisher 22
in theWooden
Boat BuildingProgram
CarbonFiber kayaksbuilt by students in theComposite
Boat BuildingProgram
AcornSkiffs in frame in theWoodenBoat
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