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ForMarineSurveyors, Boatbuilders,Managers andSmall-Craft Designers
ABYCCourses andSchedule for 2014
TheABYCeducationdepartment has beenproviding industry certifications, training, high
school and college curriculum, and industry seminars for over twenty years. They areprovid-
ing themarine industrywith the skilledworkers required tobuildandmaintainmodern
small craft of all types.
ABYC is currently schedulingon-siteand factory training for 2014. Please call ABYC for cus-
tom tailored, flat rate, instructionby top industry trainers at your facility (410-990-4460, Ext.
TheMarine TechnicianCertificationProgramdevelopedbyABYCwith “NOCTI Certification”*
has proven tobe the industry standard. ABYC continues toprovide thehighest qualityma-
rineeducationand training throughout the country and throughout the year.
For coursedates anddescriptions
NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) is a regular provider of theassess-
ments onwhichmany certifyingbodies depend formeasures of applicants' standards-based
knowledgeand skills. Certificates benefit employers by showing that applicants haveacquired
specific skills. The status of havinga certified staff can lead tohigher sales and customer
Distance learning is
cost-effectiveway toad-
vance your career or train
your employees:
- no travel, littleor no
time lost fromwork
- noon-siteor off-site
set upandno facility
- no visiting instructors
- modest tuition costs
- start when youwant
- study at your own
Elementsof Technical Boat Design
CourseNo: ETD)
Elements isa comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts in yacht andboat
design formarineprofessionals. Studentswill gaina firmunderstandingof resistance,
hydrostatics and stability aswell as fiberglass design. Topics include: Hydrostatics, Stability
and Trim, Principles of Resistance, Drawingof Hull Lines, Ergonomicsand Interior Design,
FiberglassBoat DesignandConstruction. Note: Graduates of Elementsmay transfer to
continueonand complete the full professionalWestlawnYacht&Boat DesignProgram,
receiving credit for all the subjects covered in theElements course.
“Since I haveaddedElements tomy resume I havehad several joboffers fromdifferent
companies andevenapromotionwith the company I amemployedwithnow. If anyone
iswondering if itwouldbebeneficial to complete theprogram, I would say YES.”
for adetailed syllabus
formoredetails andenrollment informationon this andotherWestlawn
essential continuing education courses
(CourseNo. BC 401)
This comprehensivedistance-learning courseprovides instruction in the fundamental
concepts of sound fiberglass boat constructionpractices and structural calculations.
This course focuses on current informationon fiberglass/compositeand relatedboatbuild-
ingmaterials, and thebest techniques for using them. Topics include: reinforcement fibers,
resin systems, corematerials,mold construction, production-facility requirements, boat-
buildingmethods, elements of strengthofmaterials, laminatedesignand specification,
assembly of components, anddesignexamples.
NOTE: This course consists of lessons excerpted fromWestlawn’s larger Elements of
Technical Boat Design courseandalso in the full Yacht&Boat DesignProgram. On
completionof BC401, studentsmay transfer intoeither programand receive full credit.
for adetailed syllabus
formoredetails andenrollment informationon this andotherWestlawn
essential continuingeducation courses
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