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StudentsCanSave ThousandsOf Dollars!
Westlawnhas taken strong stepsdesigned to lower education costs andassist students to follow their dreamsandattain
their goals. These steps includenewdiscounts for ABYCmembers,Westlawn’s unique zero-interest tuitionpayment plan,
and findingways for students toobtainotherwiseexpensivedesign softwareat lowor zero cost.
ABYCMembers get a20%discount onallWestlawn courses
All ABYCmembers (except for studentmembers) receivea20%discount onallWestlawn courses. ContactWestlawn
student services to confirmeligibility andapply
Westlawnoffers aZERO-INTEREST tuitionpayment plan for all fourmodules of our professional diplomaprogram, Yacht&
Boat Design, for our short course, Elements of Technical BoatDesign, and for all our continuing-education courses. Com-
pletedetails areon theenrollment form for the course youare interested in.Monthly payments are low. Thegoal is for our
students to complete their studies at affordableprices andwithno student-loandebt.
FREEStudent AutoCAD!
Westlawnhas arranged for activeWestlawn students todownloadAutoCADonlinedirectly fromAutodesk. This isa full
versionof AutoCAD student release. It is not a trial version. ActiveWestlawn students can log into thedesignated sign-up
page through theWestlawn student forum.
This is the lowest cost for full AutoCADever—
no cost!
The commercial priceof
AutoCAD is$4,195, anenormous savings.
Orca3DHullModelingandRhinoGeneral 3D-ModelingSoftwareat DeepDiscounts!
Inaddition,Westlawnhas arrangedwithDRSC3Advanced TechnologyCenter for deep student discounts on theOrca3D
hullmodelingplug-in software for Rhino, plusRhino inaddition, if needed.
Orca3D Level 1 (hull designand fairingwith intact hydrostatics and stability) is$1,390 commercial but just $125 for
Westlawn students, a$1,265 savings!
Orca3D Level 2 (all of Level 1plus speed/power analysis andweight and cost tracking) is$2,780 commercial but just
$250 forWestlawn students, a$2,530 savings!
Orca Level 1 is all that’s required to completeWestlawn studies, but itmakes sense to takeadvantageof this student dis-
count toget Level 2, whichwillmake your advancedworkgomorequickly andwill serve youwell in your career.
Youneed thegeneral-purposeRhino (Rhinoceros) 3Dmodelingprogram to runOrca3D. If youdon’t already ownRhino,
DRSC3Advanced TechnologyCenter has arrangeda specialWestlawndiscount packageprice for Orca3DplusRhino, as
Orca3D Level 1&Rhino$288 (commercial price$2,385)
Orca3D Level 1&Rhino/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo$558 (commercial price$3,085)
Orca3D Level 2&Rhino$401 (commercial price$3,775)
Orca3D Level 2&Rhino/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo$671 (commercial price$4,475)
Savings over the full commercial prices range from$2,907 to$3,804dependingon thepackage!
Theminimum suiteof basicCAD softwareneeded to completeWestlawn’s full Yacht&Boat DesignProgram isAutoCAD
plusOrca3D Level 1&Rhino. The total cost of this suiteof CAD softwareprograms is just $288!
Thismatches the lowest
cost for theminimum requiredCAD softwareever!
Scan&SolveFEA/SimulationSoftwareby Intact Solutions!
Students candownload the student versionof Intact Solutions’ Scan&Solve finite-element-analysis and simulation soft-
ware for free. The free student versionhas some limited functionality, so studentsmay upgrade to theacademic versionof
Scan&Solve for $295. This is the full-featured commercial softwareat a special price. (The commercial price$995.)
Savings over the full commercial price is from$700 to$995!
To takeadvantageof thesedeepdiscounts forWestlawn, studentsmust follow the student-purchaseprocedureon the
Westlawn student forum. You
bea currently activeWestlawn studentwitha validWestlawn student ID card.
20%Discount for ABYCMembers
TuitionPayment Plan
FiniteElement AnalysisSoftware
DeepDiscounts on3DSoftwareand
Lowest Cost Ever for Basic-Course
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