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AdvanceYour Career, TrainYour Employees
ABYC is the acknowledged leader and certifyingbody in education for themarine
industry.We offer technical classes that progress from entry level to advanced
courses,meeting the needs of every experiencedmarine professional seeking im-
proved skills. ABYC educational programs support the career pathof individual
technicians andprovide a training curriculum formarine businesses. Our goal is to
provide continuing, convenient education to improve the quality andprofessionalism
of our industry.
Read about theABYCCertificationprogram, who shouldbecome certified, how to
certify and the eight different areas you canget certified in.
The twomost important reasons to recertify are your career and yourself. If your
certification is about to expire your certification is about to expire
With integrity, pride inour product, and
commitment to building long term rela-
tionshipswithour customers, Armstrong
Marine, Inc. was launchedwith the goal
to build the best boat on thewater. It is
that goal that drives us today.
With that inmind, ArmstrongMarine set
aside $80,000 for training in2012, and
themajority of the systems trainingwill
be throughABYC. TrainingwithABYC
insures increasedprofitability through
better trained andmore efficient employ-
eeswhile also ensuringbetter safety and
ArmstrongMarine, Inc
Our goal atDiversifiedMarine Services,
Inc. is to have all of our long term techni-
cians certified to the “MasterABYC”
status and tohelp pass this valuable infor-
mation onto our client base. I feel likewe
are inpartnershipwith theABYCorgani-
Thomas F.Kicklighter, Diversified
MarineServices, Inc.
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