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Quebec, anareawhere
therewere several
small boatbuilders
serving theQuebec and
Ontariomarket. There
aredozens of lakes Just
outside the city. Ships
andboats cruise theSt-
LawrenceRiver nearby.
Theboats produced
hereweremainly ca-
noes, fishing skiffs, run-
abouts and small cruis-
ers. Back in the late60s and70s, when Lucwas a
boy, a friend’s father owneda small boatbuilding
shop, whichproduced small runabouts and cuddy-cabin
powerboats. St-Ongewas fascinatedby the shiny colors, the
shapes, andby the fiberglass theboatsweremadeof.
In theearly80's, while in college studyingmapdrafting , St-
Ongedecided tobuildand sell canoesasa summer job.
While looking for plans andadviceon canoebuilding in
boatingmagazines, St-Onge cameacross theWestlawn
School of Yacht Designadandordered the information
packet. Itwas exactlywhat hewas looking for. TheWest-
lawn coursewouldgivehim theknowledge todesign small
craft and thediplomawouldopen thedoors in the industry.
St-Ongeenrolled inWestlawn in1982, and thoughhis ven-
ture into the canoebusiness
that summer didnotmakehim
rich, it taught thebasics of
designing fair, roundhulls,
workingwith splines, andwork-
ing inwoodand fiberglass.
During thewinter of '84 Luc
designedandbuilt an18-foot
strip-planked centerboard sloop
witha friend. Although itwas
not perfect, itwas prettywell
balancedandprovided years of
Upon completionofworkonhis
exam, In
December 1985, St-Ongedrove
toStamford, CT—whereWest-
lawnwas locatedback then—to
hand inhisworkdirectly tohis
instructor, NormanNudelman.
Then, in1986backhomewait-
ing for hisdiploma, St-Onge
read in thenewspaper that a
Doral ExpressCruiser
Forest JohnsonPhoto 
24-ft. 2-in. LOA, 8-ft.- 4-in. Beam
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