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local boatbuilder named
Cadorettewas expandingandhiring. He
jumped in the car that sameday and
knockedon thedoor of thebuilder, who
was quite renowned inQuebecand
Ontarioback then. Lucdidn’twant to
just drophis resume in thebox, sohe
explained to the receptionistwhat he
was after. She reluctantly called the
generalmanager to comemeet this
stubborn youngman she couldn’t get rid
of. Themanager cameout and said that
theyhadbeen looking for anaval archi-
tect specialized in small craft but could
not findone in thearea. St-Ongewas
hiredon the spot. Theowners of the
companywere seeing theboating
market evolving rapidly in those years.
They couldno longer sell old stuffwith
outdatedhulls, appearanceand interi-
ors. They couldno longer just retool
older boats or copy the competition.
Indeed, some smaller local builders--
keenon copying larger builders--were
sued in the80s. Thereweremoreoppor-
tunities thenever out therebutmore
competition too. Todevelop their own
R&D center in the fall of '85, and this is
where Luc’s officewas located.
WithinLuc’s first three years at
, hedesigned two runabouts
and twopocket cruisers from scratch
(25and28 feet). All theboats per-
formed verywell. Theboatsalso looked
goodanddidwell on themarket. Of
course Luchadbeen very careful inhis
calculations, following the theory he’d
just learnedatWestlawnand lookingat
whatwas on themarket andworking.
He learnedhowboatsweremade in
details fromexperiencedbuilders that
had years at
. Healso learned
a lot from suppliers; composites-
material suppliers, fuel tanks and
systems suppliers, engine suppliers,
electrical systems suppliers, etc. These
technical sales representativeswhere
all very specialized in their fields, were
meetinga lot ofmanufacturers andhad
agoodoverviewof the industry.
In1990St-Onge left
Cadoretteandwent towork for another
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