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The Masthead
June 2014 Page 11
The hull material selected is the M-Foam sandwich rein-
forced with fiberglass and epoxy resin. All the bulkheads,
frames, and storage areas onboard are made with this ma-
terial. The joining of all these parts create the global
strength of the structure. This assembly gives great rigidity
to the hull at low weight.
The flat-panel technology reduced the need for special tools
by the shipyard and decreased the construction lead time
for this semi custom project without using mold. The result
is a magnificent boat with high standard of finish built in
just 6,000 hours of labor.
For more on the design and drawing of this boat see
22 of the September 2013 issue of
The Masthead
The beautiful design of the hulls provides performance be-
yond our expectation both from the point of view of con-
sumption or maximum speed:
At its low cruise speed of 13.5 knots, it consumes 2 x 18.6
At its medium cruise speed of 15 knots, it consumes 2 x
20.6 LPH
At its high cruise speed of 17 knots, it consumes 2 x 23.9
12-Meter Outboard Power Cat
12 Meter Outboard Power Cat - Particulars
Length: 11.98 m (39.3 ft.)
Molded breadth: 5.25 m (17.2 ft.)
Engine power: 2 x 225 HP Outboard Yamaha
Displacement: 7.4 Tonnes (7.3 tons)
Max. Speed: 28 Kts
Material: Gurit Panels M Foam/Glass/Epoxy
44 rue de la riviera,
Noumea, New Caledonia,
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