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Mary Ann Gesner Comes Aboard as
Westlawn’s New Student Services Coordinator
Patti Schulte Has Left as Student Services Coordinator
Mary Ann Gesner Comes Aboard as Our Student Services Coordinator
as of July 15, 2014
ur long-time student services coordinator Patti Schulte will not be making the
move to our new office in Bath, Maine. After nine years of superb work, she will
be leaving Westlawn. We will miss Patti and wish her all the best.
We are very pleased to announce that Marine Ann Gesner has come aboard as our
new student services coordinator. We know she will continue to deliver the excellent
personal assistance that our students expect from Westlawn student services.
Mary Ann Gesner has been a Board member and volunteer chair of administration
at Midcoast Senior College, where she created course brochures and managed all
aspects of the office, including training. She was a risk/compliance manager at
Peoples Heritage/TD Bank, where she was responsible for compliance with rules
and government regulations for all business products and where she was also the
online business banking supervisor responsible for training the case-management
sales force and customer services representatives as well as creating training docu-
ments. She additionally held several leadership positions in commercial loan servic-
ing and document creation. Mary Ann further brings boatbuilding experience with
her, having worked hands on in fiberglass boat construction at Sabre Yachts.
You can contact Mary Ann at:
Mary Ann Gesner, Student Services Coordinator
Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
c/o Maine Maritime Museum
243 Washington Street
Bath, ME 04530 USA
Tel: 800-832-7430, ext. 41
Tel: 207-747-0088, ext. 41
Fax: 207-747-0084, ext. 41
We are lucky to have Mary Ann joining the Westlawn team and welcome her aboard.
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Mary Ann Gesner
Who Will Be The June 2014 Know It All Winner?
Email your answer to:
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The boat is 71 feet 8 inches on the waterline, and you have arranged for towing-tank tests to observe performance and
check on your computer speed-and-powering calculations. The towing model is to be 1/12th size.
What speed should the model be towed at to run at the equivalent top speed as the 12.68 knots your computer calcula-
tions indicate that the boat can achieve? What is the Reynolds number of the full size boat at this speed and the model at
its speed, and what does this mean with regard to the model-test results?
Want to see how much you know? Want to show everyone else how much you know? The
first three people to submit the correct answer to the following question will win a West-
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winners to be published in the next issue of
The Masthead.
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