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June 2014 Page 2
Westlawn Is Moving
to the Maine
Maritime Museum,
in Bath, Maine
estlawn Institute of Marine Technology is
pleased to announce that it is moving to
the Maine Maritime Museum, in Bath Maine.
Effective July 15, 2014, Westlawn’s new address
and contact information will be:
Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
c/o Maine Maritime Museum
243 Washington Street
Bath, Maine 04530
Tel: 800-832-7430
Tel: 207-747-0088
Fax: 207-747-0084
Please be sure to update your records to use our
new address.
The beautiful Maine Maritime Museum campus is
an extraordinary place and a perfect match for
Westlawn’s mission of teaching small-craft naval
architecture, boat design and marine technology.
The Maine Maritime Museum offers many
opportunities to explore Maine’s maritime
heritage and culture. There is so much to see and
do, admission is good for two days of visiting.
Visitors will find:
• Fascinating exhibits and artifacts
• Contemporary, interactive areas for children
and adults
• An historic shipyard with five original 19th cen-
tury buildings
• A Victorian-era shipyard owner's home
• An active waterfront
• New England's largest sculpture - a full-size
representation of the largest wooden sailing
vessel ever built, Wyoming
• A scenic campus on the banks of the Kenne-
bec River
The museum also houses many hundreds of
historic boats, from pleasurecraft to workboats, a
treasure trove of information.
Come visit and see the museum’s special Eye
Sweet & Fair presentations on naval architecture,
lofting and modeling, this summer from June 14
through November 1, 2014.
The Maine Maritime Museum
Steel sculpture of the 450-foot
, the largest wooden sailing
ship ever built.
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