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is amazing to see that the basic architecture has stayed consistent among the contending teams. In the America's
Cup, design strategies differ, and teams may feel pressure to assert that their ideas are the best.
Possibly as a result, there were few alterations to the design of the hulls between each team's first and second boats.
The Americans of Oracle have focused from the beginning on lower resistance in both the water and the air, taking the risk
of limiting reserve buoyancy at the bows.
The details are extremely neat, and the cockpits are deeper than ETNZ in order to shield the crew a bit. However, looking
closely at the sections, the forms of the forward portions of the hulls are more promising, relatively larger now in volume.
The Oracle Team USA wing is a showpiece in terms of greater flexibility in tuning the aerodynamic profile (see page 1).
Type: AC72, Wing Catamaran
Hull length: 22 m
L.W.L.: 22 m
Beam: 14 m
Draft: 4.40 m
Air draft: 40 m
Displacement: 5.7 t
Sail area wing: 260.5
Sail area wing + gennicar 580 m²
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