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Volume 8, Issue 3
September 2014
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First To Fly
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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
Oh , some PTs do sevent y - f i ve
And some do s i x t y - n i ne
When we ge t ou r s t o run a t a l l
We think we’re do ing fine. . .
PT Boat Crew’s Lamen t
oday , everybody does it . Does what? Wel l f ly , or at least p l ane.
Ocean-going sportfishermen, outboard -powered skiffs, all-
varnished runabout s , pol ice pat rol boats , fast ferries and h igh -
speed fishermen all hoist themselves—vi rtuall y by the i r own boot -
s t raps—and skim over the surface of the waves . But who di d i t f i rst ,
when, and how?
Th is is an interesti ng quest i on, and one that has—oddl y—more than
one answer. You see, there were a veri tabl e passel of gadgeteers ,
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How We Learned
to Plane
By Dave Gerr, © Copyright 2014 Dave Gerr
on display at Newcastle Discovery Museum
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