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ack in 1970, the book editor of
, Tony Gibbs and I were stroll-
ing down Broadway on the way to Lunch when he said, “Dave, do you think
you could come up with some entirely new type design for the book?” (
Architect’s Notebook
). “Tony,” I replied, “I will figure something out and send it
up to you.”
Back at the office struggling with the idea and coming up empty, I suddenly
remembered Irwin Schwatt’s idea for stimulating creativity. Last summer, my
assistant, Bob O Donnell and I were in a similar fix. We were wandering down
Atlantic Avenue heading for lunch when we came upon Irwin sitting on a store-
front windowsill with his hat off. Irwin was a genius. In fact Irwin was so smart
he did not ever have to work unless he felt like it. Irwin shared an office with
another very smart man in the Guarantee Trust building, who also did not have
to work. Every morning Irwin visited every office in the building and discussed
very important stuff. If you were working on a rush job, blowing your nose and
coughing would insure Irwin’s speedy departure. Irwin was afraid of germs.
“How are you doing Irwin I asked?” Irwin replied, “Dave, I am sitting here in the
sun with my hat off letting the sun’s rays charge up my brain. I have been try-
Charging Up Your Brain
Design Inspiration and a New Arrangement Plan
Excerpted from
Martin’s Yarns
By Dave Martin, © 2012 By David P. Martin
52-Foot Ocean Super Sport
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