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ing to figure out something, and I just can’t seem to
get it. I have found that when the sun shines on my
head it increases my creative power. The brain runs
down like a battery and the sun charges it up.”
Bob and I went to the beach and let the sun shine on
our heads. Next morning at the office, we created a
design with two small staterooms under the house
floor, which led to the “full-beam master stateroom”
under the pilothouse floor. We published it in my book
and called it the
Irwin S.
In 1985, I talked Jack Leek
into doing it on my 63-foot Ocean and many other
Ocean Yacht designs. Today, it is one of the most cop-
ied designs in the industry.
The photographs and plans of the 52 Ft. Ocean Yacht
Super Sport shown here are living proof of Irwin’s
creative genius and offer absolute proof that a univer-
sity should award him a Ph.D. for his discovery. As a
further test of Irwin’s theory, I am spending about
three hours a day in the sun at the beach in an
attempt to increase my brain power enough to write a
best selling book.
Westlawn graduate David Martin has spent a lifetime
designing all types of boats. His books,
Martin’s Yarns
and the
Book of Dave Martin Designs
are available on
CD from
o purchase
Martin’s Yarns
on CD, from
to purchase the
Book of Dave Martin
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Charging Up Your Brain
Master Stateroom Under Pilothouse
Master Head Under Pilothouse
Main Salon Over Master Stateroom
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