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Destino 25


Ole Nielsen


started thinking about this boat


Professional Boatbuilder



magazines an-

nounced their next design chal-

lenge, a retro runabout I believe. I

thought it was tailored for me. With

what I was already trying to do with

my boatbuilding business, I felt it

could work both as a production

fiberglass boat or a one at a time

wooden boat project. The 20-foot

design that I built had gotten a lot

of praise, but had never really

taken off in sales. So I tried to think

of what I could do to get people to

actually want to own one of my

boats. My idea is people want to cruise around with friends, perhaps have a cocktail and a snack, hang out and just enjoy

the water, of course if you want to go for a swim, go skiing or tubing, that has to fit in as well. The ladies don’t like the

bucket, so I wanted to fit in a small head out forward, which also gives some privacy. That is what I have designed this boat

around, secretly I have been calling this boat “Wine and Cheese” but there are be better names out there for it, just haven’t

thought of one yet.

The shape of the boat itself is generally the same as my 20-foot design, just scaled up at different rates in the different

directions, but it is very close to the same lines. I did spend a lot of time trying to ensure the boat has enough height inside

the cockpit for the guests to feel safe, but not so much that the freeboard becomes too clunky looking, also fitting the

head out forward demands some height.

As far as design properties goes, I’ll say what my

countryman, and also a designer I look up to,

Aage Nielsen (no relation) said about almost all

of his boats, “not extreme in any way.” Displace-

ment/length, chine beam/length, CG from tran-

som, deadrise, etc. everything is pretty much

right out of Dave Gerr’s textbook.

I am planning on offering this with a Volvo 380-

hp V-8 gas engine and their duo prop sterndrive

as standard, but many different propulsion sys-

tems could go in there—diesel, jet drive, straight

inboard, what have you. I would be very inter-

ested in working with a client on an electric op-

tion, I have some crazy ideas in that area that I

would love to explore.

For me, it’s all about form and function together,

not one following another. If they don’t work to-

gether in harmony, it’s not right yet, especially

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